its-globalA seeker of innovation, Eddie Amador is a musical icon whose goal remains “breaking through the sound barrier.” Stay tuned for whatever comes next…
It begins in Los Angeles in 1998. Eddie Amador pens the now-famous lyrics (“Not everyone understands house music…It’s spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing…”), sets them to a hypnotic, pulsating beat, and the seminal dance club anthem “House Music” is born.
A legendary DJ, producer, and remixer, Eddie is considered by many a house music prophet. His love for the music and his ability to create unforgettable house anthems made him a fixture in the club culture of LA, but it was “House Music” that really kicked his career into high gear. With its irrepressible groove and deep, soulful lyrics, “House Music” was championed by the best DJs on the planet, Carl Cox, Danny Teneglia, Deep Dish, Masters at Work, Frankie Knuckles, Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong, and Danny Rampling. eddieamador
“House Music” went on to become a global hit and secured Eddie an album deal with Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi label, yet it was his next track, “Rise,” which proved that Eddie Amador was no one-hit wonder. Catapulting into the Top 20 of the UK national chart, “Rise” propelled Eddie to the status of a world-class DJ, and he was now performing at such super clubs as Ministry of Sound in London, The Queen in Paris, Centrofly in New York, Crobar in both Chicago and in Miami, Stereo in Montreal, as well as Pacha and Space in Ibiza.
Eddie has gone on to perform in over 40 countries on six continents. While playing the dance meccas of the universe over the last few years, Eddie remixed tracks for labels like Strictly Rhythm, Ovum, CAUS-N’FF-CT, Jive-Electro, MCA, Universal, King Street, MUTE, Azuli and Deep Touch. Meanwhile, he was still turning out prime cuts for Yoshitoshi and his own Mochico imprint. Created as an outlet for more adventurous underground music, Mochico is now preparing to launch the MOCHICOPRIMO! label, which will take house to a newer, forward-thinking generation.
In 2003, Eddie’s international success allowed him the freedom and opportunity to set up a second studio in Europe. Moving to Amsterdam with the desire to progress his sound, Eddie, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, continued pushing the envelope musically and technologically. Not long after switching continents, Eddie began a production and a string of remixes for Defected and Fluential in the UK under the moniker Saturated Soul. Inspired by the tougher, tribal sound he heard in Paris, Eddie created “Push My Bass,” a track that got massive support from New York/London DJ Tom Stephan, who crowned this track “The Big One” on his weekly radio show in the UK. Flash forward to 2005. In addition to getting signed to the Netherlands’ biggest label ID&T, Eddie collaborated with Tom De Neef under the name Bazement Freakz. The duo put out 3 singles including “Sweat” which was picked up by Roger Sanchez’s STEALTH label. 2006. Eddie’s now on the 6th release of his new label, Mochicoprimo. Having acquired visionary talent from Europe and the United States, Mochicoprimo is poised for dance floor devastation. No joke. Eddie is also looking forward to his newest release “6 AM,” on Yoshitoshi due out in early July. This piece of work is infecting the dance floors of the highest echelon djs; from the mortal trance god Paul van Dyk to his assimilated house god, Roger Sanchez! Eddie is currently in the states finishing up his solo album for Yoshitoshi while keeping up with his busy dj schedule.
A seeker of innovation, Eddie Amador is a musical icon whose goal remains “breaking through the sound barrier.” Stay tuned for whatever comes next…
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