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BBC – 1Xtra – Black History – Icons: Garage

Iconic label: Confetti Records

“Confetti Records built itself up as one of the leading forces in garage music during the 90s. Its artists and releases took the scene in a darker, more jungle-inspired direction.
As a label it was definitely key in bringing in new listeners who up until that point found garage music too ‘fluffy’.” Richie Vibe Vee
Richie will be looking at the iconic Confetti label. It started in the early 90s and helped to pioneer and catapult artists from the garage scene to a different level.
These include Anthill Mob with their smash ‘Burnin’ and ‘You Should Have Known’, as well as legendary Ray Hurley ‘Just Yourself’. With the many compilations that followed, the Confetti label was established as a force to be reckoned with.

Icon: Tuff Jam

“These guys opened the door for a whole movement here in Britain, by taking something that the US had created and giving it a unique UK twist. It was the much needed kick in the back side the underground music scene here needed.” Richie Vibe Vee
Richie Vibe Vee will be speaking to Carl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown and Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont two of the most influential acts that helped push Garage where it is today.
During 1997, they were two of the most hyped producers in Britain thanks to their seizure of the banner for speed garage, the dance style based on classic garage music but with a multitude of inspiration from the ragga end of jungle/drum & bass.
The two were both Dj-ing at Garage Nights when they met and gradually moved into production together working with acts like En Vogue, Arman Van Helden and Todd Edwards to name a few.
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