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She is an actress, known for EuroTrip (2004), Goal! III (2009) and Is Harry on the Boat? (2001)
Aliases /Mrs Smith of Mr & Mrs Smith

Born in Stone, Staffordshire on Monday, 20th February, 1978 at 10.50 p.m.
From a very early age Jakki showed she had an artistic temperament and flair, began a dancing career at the age of 4, taking up ballet dancing.  At 11 went on to disco and rock and roll competition dancing.  Jakki reached Championship status in both categories at the age of 15. 
Left school and went straight to college to train as a hairdresser.  By the age of 20 was managing her own salon in Walsall.  (Still keeps her hand in cutting and styling her mother and sisters hair on her rare visits home)
Hitting the club scene at 17/18, it became apparent to her from the male attention she always received that she should seriously look at her career options and decided to take a ‘crack’ at modelling.
Tried beauty competitions, but not only were they ‘rigged’ big time, but everyone was so bitchey!!
Persuaded by her mother, Jakki entered the Max Power Live Babe competition at the N.E.C. in Birmingham in 1999.  She won and that is where her modelling career began.


Went to Kosova to visit the Troops
Men and Motors one hour special to be aired on 31st March, and 1st April, 2004
Eurotrip – Spielburg film to be shown in England beginning of April
Jakki is launching her own Lingerie range which will go under the  label ‘Bootee’  in the early Spring
 Took part in a ‘Spray Tan’ in aid of the Charity for Holistic Cancer care in London
Took part in ‘Celebrity 24 Hour Quiz’ on Channel 3, came runner up and won just under £5000 which she again donated to the R.S.P.C.A.
No. 30 in FHM 100 Sexiest Women
Went to L.A. in August and registered  with a couple of Model Agencies and did two photo shoots with American Photographers.
As an outcome of one of the photoshoots, Jakki will be appearing on the cover of Czech Maxim and featured in the French one
Produced her 2005 calendar – all shot on location in London at some quite unusual and random venues.  One of the shots is with two ‘wild wolves’ who required two handlers and a special licence to do the shoot was required from London Borough Council
Took part as a Cheerleader  in ‘The Match’ shown on Sky One
Jakki is dabbling in clothes design at the moment and recently appeared at the FHM 100 Sexiest Women awards in a dress designed and made by herself.
She has lots of things on the ‘back burner’ so watch this space………..
Jakki loves animals, hence her generous donation of the prize money from the Weakest Link to the RSPCA.
She also loves foreign travel

  • SHOPPING!!!!
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Socialising
  • Reading
  • Cooking

Customizing and designing clothes

2002 – 2003

Retired from Page 3 modelling
Appeared in the Celebrity Weakest Link and WON! – Prize money of £15,000 donated to the RSPCA – Now a Patron, donates her own time regularly to advertising campaigns in aid of the RSPCA
Brief spell in the Channel 4 programme RISE presenting a football feature
Lots of modelling for Ann Summers, appearing on the front cover of their magazine and featured on huge posters in all their retail outlets.
Appeared in Celebrity 5 Go Dating – shown on channel E4 (loads of times!)
Appeared for a scond time in Celebrity 5 Go Dating – filmed in the apartment used in the Film Bridget Jones’ Diary at London Bridge – to be shown in September, 2003 on Channel E4
Filming in Prague for the Steven Spielberg film ‘Ugly Americans’ – will be out some time next year
Played the lead role of Karmina (pole dancer) in a three minute film entitled ‘Coming Up for Air’ –  to be shown in August, 2003
Advert for Play Station 2
Done P.A.’s all over the United Kingdom and abroad.
Appeared on the front covers of  Loaded, Front, M8, Boys Toys, Max Power
Front cover of a Belgian magazine called Che, the Only International model to have ever appear on it.
Filmed the ‘Fear Factor’ in Argentina –  to be shown in September, 2003 – Sky 1
Voted No. 47 in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women pole
Again appeared in Loaded, Front, Maxim, Feature in FHM, Max Power, GQ, OK
For a laugh Jakki was given as a gift (probably following her appearance in the three minute film) a mini course in Pole Dancing  –  She really enjoyed it!!!
Personally met Justin Timberlake in June!
Went to Alicante to shoot her 2004 Calendar
Took part in the Fear Factor which was shown on 30th October, 2003
Top girl at MaX Power Live in November in London
Went to Cyprus to visit the troops in November
Filmed a one hour special of Men and Motors, film crew shadowed Jakki for one month
Front cover of Front
Featured in Loaded

1999 – 2001

Regular appearances in both the Sun and the Daily Star  –  many appearances on the front page.
Lots of trips abroad on photo shoots, calendars etc.
Returning each year to the Max Power Live event at the N.E.C.  firstly as the reigning Max Power Babe and then for P.A. purposes, where Jakki is very popular with the lads
Lots of appearances in magazines, Max Power, Front, Loaded, FHM, Esquire, M8, GQ, Maxim, Fast Car,  Boys Toys, OK etc.
T.V. Appearances in:

  • Several times on SMTV Live
  • Big Breakfast
  • Ruby Wax Show
  • Bonzi – quite a few times
  • So Graham Norton

Appeared in a Film called ‘Is Harry on the Boat’ – shown on Channel 4
Presenting/interviewing the Panten Pro V awards
Presenting for Riess Daniel Trust, interviewed Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ray Winston plus others
Hosted the opening of an eclusive new restaurant on Halloween night, which was televised
Attended masses of premiers which include:

  • T.V. Awards
  • Childrens Bafters
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • FHM

Lots of P.A. work all over the country and abroad
Appeared in two Brylcreem adverts
Lots of live radio interviews
Designed and produced own calender in Minorca
Voted the Best Page 3 Girl EVER

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