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and the winner is…..(click here to see)

Calling all House, Garage & Dance DJ’s

if you’ve been playing music in your bedroom, on radio, in a bar, at a club or ‘unda-cover’ inna warehouse… we wanna hear from you 

Here’s a chance for you to win & collect a MAJOR ENDORSEMENT from one of the uk’s most infamous music heavy weights…Confetti Records

1st Prize

  • Guaranteed set for Confetti Records –  alongside some of the UK’s greatest deck / spin-ti-tions.
  • Your mix to be endorsed & presented as a mix album on digital download sites
  • Unreleased tracks from Confetti Records
  • T-Shirt (Confetti Digital)
  • Limited Edition Key Ring (Confetti Digital)
  • & much, much more…

2nd Prize

  • Guest Radio Mix on
  • Unreleased track from Confetti Records
  • T-Shirt (Confetti Digital)
  • Limited Edition Key Ring (Confetti Digital)

3rd Prize

  • T-Shirt (Confetti Digital)
  • Limited Edition Key Ring (Confetti Digital)

Additionally all entrants will receive a Confetti Digital (no more knobs) car sticker 
What you have to do to win one of these prizes :-: Mix a 45min set together of pure CONFETTI RECORDS catalogue (or subsidiary labels)….easy???!!???

If you were there, you know you won’t find them tunes so easily,, so get your thinking caps on & your glasses.

Get searching up them infamous tunes & see what you can do..& if you think it’s good enough, send it through to the CONFETTI HQ where you can be assured it will be given a courteous ear & ting.
Ears included – will be none other than
Mike ‘ruffcutt’ Lloyd
Liquid Deep Recordings (Booker T)
Groove School (Karl ‘tuffenuff’ Brown) :
REMEMBER this is your once in a life time opportunity chance to have a LEGITIMATE CD mix ALBUM released, along with a GUARANTEED play-out at a top London Location (& get your photo taken)..
check out Discogs or Elusive Tracks dot com if you require assistance.

Don’t delay Get on it today, this is your chance to be a winner (even better if you’re from Pinner)


Closing date for your entry : 5pm Friday 13 December 2103        
The lucky prize winners will be notified by email Friday 20 December 2013

Entry Requirements / Terms & Conditions

  • 1 of the following – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • All mixes to be submitted together with a completed competition entry form – which can be downloaded here COMPETITION ENTRY FORM
  • Mixes can be sent via email, dropbox, sendspace to
  • NO Links these will NOT be accepted ie Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube
  • All mixes are consented to be streamed on Confetti Digital and remain the property of Confetti Records
  • Mixes ARE NOT to be made available through social networking sites to the general public
  • All copyright is owned by Confetti Records and Confetti Records does not grant any use rights with respect to Confetti Records material
  • Mixes are not protected by copyright unless noted
  • Use for a commercial purpose of a portion or segment of your mix that incorporates the talent (such as music) of a known individual, may infringe a right of publicity and permission should be obtained from Confetti Records.
  • Material may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by Confetti Records or by any Confetti Records employee of commercial products, processes, or services, or used in any other manner that might mislead.
  • Use of Confetti Records identifiers which would express or imply such an endorsement is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Confetti Records name or initials as an identifying symbol by organizations other than Confetti Records is strictly prohibited.
  • Confetti Records does not indemnify nor hold harmless users of Confetti Records material, nor release such users from copyright infringement.
  • UK mainland entrants only may apply (as per competition prizes)
  • By submitting your mix to us for inclusion into the competition you accept the above terms and conditions
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