Born South London, with a vivacious personality I attended the BRIT performing Arts School.

I was an actress before pursuing my career in Psychology, specialising in Cognitive behaviour therapy techniques for several years before becoming the proud mother of twin girls. 

I’m a British children’s picture book writer, contemporary & enthusiastic becoming a mother introduced me to a new set of values.

My inspiration to write came from giving young children a positive global character to identify with. Psychology gives insight by creating awareness of the many benefits of nurturing personal development from a young age can result in for a child, especially growing with healthy self-confidence.

I wrote “Chantelle” to give parents a learning & understanding tool, increasing their choice as a reader.

  • My favourite colour is yellow
    I love public speaking
    I have a degree in Psychology with Counselling
    Graduated from UCL with PG Dip
    Wrote 12 books to the “Chantelle” book series in 1 week
    I love all types of music “A good tune, is a good tune” 
    My first job was in Woolworth’s
    I used to attend Peggy Spencer’s Dance School and Pineapple studios
Nicola Tenyue
Thats right peeps, on my show Silky Sundaze this week (Sunday 14 September)…………………I’m gonna be interviewing the next BIG children’s author Nicola Tenyue.
Introducing to the world ‘Chantelle’ a young girl who will take you through the journey of growing up……..This is aimed at your children under 7yrs……….So lock in and make sure the kids are locked as there will be a little reading live and direct from the author herself.
She may even give away a signed copy……..make sure you Tune in.x x
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